Does Penile Implant Surgery Affect a Man’s Natural Feelings?

  • Shivani Tyagi
  • August 20, 2019

A penile implant or a penile prosthesis is a permanent solution for men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is an inability of a man to achieve an erection or maintain the erection for a usual time period.

Many men live with erectile dysfunction as they feel apprehensive to talk to the doctor while we suggest overcoming the taboo and talking to your partner and doctor about this issue.

There are different types of penile implants available in the market but these days, but most men opt for a hydraulic, inflatable implant to overcome erectile dysfunction.

Most men while considering a penile implant ask about the following concerns:

How their penis will look after the penile implant surgery?

The look and feel of the penis remain the same after the penile implant placement. Three-piece inflatable implants or AMS 700 LGX IMPLANT are designed specifically to provide a man natural feel as much as possible and not refrain from one’s sexual satisfaction. Also, your partner does not come to know that you have a penile implant unless you tell them. Natural feelings of orgasm are also the same.

What is an influence on the quality of erections and sexual performance after penile implant surgery?

A man experiences that the quality of erections becomes excellent with an implant. In fact, most men realize that they are experiencing the hardest erection they have ever experienced.

A penile implant helps a man boosting his sexual performance significantly. One never loses his erection during the erect state with the implant.  Hardness or rigidity is always the same irrespective of the number of times a man indulges in sexual activities.

How does a penile implant affect orgasm, sensation, and ejaculation?

Men after penile implant surgery are able to feel the orgasm and ejaculate normally as the implant replaces the damaged erection muscle (corpora cavernosa) without affecting anything else.

With the aid of penile prosthesis, one can maintain his erection after ejaculation, which allows him to ejaculate and orgasm multiple times, with no loss in rigidity or hardness or sensation…

Does a penile implant reduce penis size?

Patients who have experienced ED as a consequence of radical prostatectomy or Peyronie’s disease, must have already experienced some level of erect penile length loss and are concerned that they may lose even more after a penile implant.

Typically, a majority of men does not experience any significant loss in penile length after the surgery but yes in a very few cases patients may lose some length up to 1 cm.

However, these concerns are not a matter of concern as penile prosthesis has proven its effectiveness in overcoming erectile dysfunction successfully. The satisfaction rates for penile implants are the highest among all the treatment options available for ED. Success rate or results of a penile implant surgery depends on the andrologist’s expertise and the type of implant you choose.

If you are considering to undergo penile implant surgery, we suggest you book an appointment with the andrologist at the medical treatment centre. We are associated with top doctors for penile implant in Delhi, India. They make sure the penile length does not get affected after the surgery.

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