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  • July 3, 2019


One of the most important survival instincts that each one of the living creatures during this world possess is procreating. However, typically not most are lucky enough to grant birth naturally and within the current day and age of technology, because of dynamic fashion and habits, such conditions square measure solely increasing. With the inconsistent food habit and therefore the contaminated air tributary their fair proportion to the increasing physiological state among couples.

Fortunately, physiological state is treated and advancements within the field of IVF (In-vitro-Fertilization) became a boon for those seeking to have their own biological child.


IVF Treatments in Delhi have witnessed a huge increase in the number of couples opting for the treatment in recent years. IVF Treatment Centre in Delhi is in demand, as per the estimation three out of 10 couples suffer from infertility these days.

Such an increase has led to the upward jostle of the IVF centres around more than one places in Delhi. While the upward jostle of IVF therapy centres in Delhi may be a boon, there are some aspects about the cure centres which be chiefly considered earlier than picking one like success rate, the journey of the fertility doctor, laboratory etc.


IVF (In-vitro-Fertilization) is a widespread and popular therapy to deal with infertility among couples. In-Vitro interprets to “outside the body”, indicating that the whole system of fertilization takes region backyard the physique. when you consider that the body appears to be incapable of producing a beneficial environment for the fertilization to take region on its own.

In less complicated terms, IVF remedy is aimed at supporting the process of fertilization by means of extracting the egg (ovary) from the girl and the sperm from the male. The extracted egg and sperm are united in a very managed and beneficial surroundings in either a petri-dish or a test-tube under stringent supervision to make sure a very high chance of success.


IVF treatments have the potential to lead to multiple pregnancies, and if something like that occurs, there is an increased risk of preterm delivery and low birth weight infant compared to singleton pregnancies. To negate problems like these, the current procedures used are focussed on single embryo transfer to ensure that there is only one live birth thereby eliminating any possibility of multiple pregnancies.

We at Medical Treatment Centre offer a comprehensive list of services to treat infertility and here is a list of what the centre offers:

  • IVF / ICSI Treatment : This treatment is focussed on the procedure by which an egg is fertilized outside the body by the sperm as is considered as a classic IVF treatment.
  • Ovarian Induction : This procedure involves using injections/ tablets to stimulate the ovaries which produce “follicles”. Ovarian induction maximises the chances of getting pregnant by focussing on ensuring that the eggs required for fertilization are available to the sperm at the right time. This assisted approach is used in couples who find it difficult to conceive, but appear to be quite healthy otherwise.
  • Laser Assisted Hatching : This procedure is primarily focussed on women over 35 years of age and in case of frozen embryos. Sometimes when IVF/ ICSI treatments fail repeatedly, the procedure can be augmented with the use of a Laser Assisted Hatching.
  • Male Infertility : We provide comprehensive and protocol-based treatment for Male infertility Treatment.
  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI) : In this procedure, the sperm is placed directly in the uterus around the time when the ovary releases one or more eggs. This maximises the chances of fertilization and therefore conception. The IVF treatment success rate is usually very high.
  • Surgical Sperm Retrieval : In few cases of Male infertility, Man can produce sufficient sperm in the testes, due to certain clinical conditions, their ejaculate does not appear to lift these sperms over. In such a scenario, these produced sperms are retrieved by using surgical sperm retrieval techniques and used for insemination like UI and IVF.
  • Frozen Embryo Transfer : The excess embryo retrieved from an IVF/ ICSI cycle can be frozen in liquid nitrogen at negative 196 degrees. The frozen embryos can be used at a later point in time in case the parents are keen for another child or in case the first session of IVF treatment fails.
  • Embryo Biopsy for PCD\ PGD : This procedure is focussed on retrieving single or multiple cells from a human embryo. The removed cells are then sent for genetic analysis. This technique is used in combination with the IVF treatment to make sure that the newborn is free of any potential genetic disorders.

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