Penile Implant Success Story

  • Shivani Tyagi
  • April 22, 2019

Saurav (Changed name) shows that you don’t have to accept ED as a part of getting older. Even if other treatment options have not been working out for you, a penile implant could be the right choice to help regain your confidence.

My name is Saurav Singh and I am a young man of 54 years. I am saying myself young at this age because I have overcome erectile dysfunction. I have a story to share about what all consequences I had to face because of erectile dysfunction and how did I get it managed.

I started facing symptoms of ED after 50

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I was leading a wonderful married life until I was 50 years old. After 50, I was not able to achieve an erection firm enough to satisfy my wife. I tried many ayurvedic medicines and allopathic medicines like Viagra but these medicines worked for a few period.

After a year my erection problem was worsening and no medicines were able to regain my erection to a satisfactory level. It was an extremely rough phase of my life. I did not know what I was supposed to do. I used to feel really low and kind of depressed because of erectile dysfunction. I had lost all hopes as I had tried almost all methods to cure erectile dysfunction but nothing worked on my case as I am a diabetic too though controlled one.

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I started exploring for treatment options

I explored the internet in search of how to cure erection problem due to diabetes then I got to know about penile prosthesis/implant. I did my research on the penile implant surgery cost in India thoroughly before making a decision. I talked to as many patients as I could, who had undergone penile implant surgery, to know the penile implant surgery reviews.

I read about AMS penile prosthesis, how it works, how it is beneficial in case of Erectile dysfunction due to diabetes. I found it interesting and something that can be considered as a permanent solution for my erection problem.

I decided to undergo penile prosthesis procedure and let me tell you honestly that it was a safe and well-tolerated procedure. I opted AMS three-piece inflatable implant considering the quality of the implant.

My experience with Penile Implant Surgery

I am going to be completely honest about my experience with the penile implant. My recovery was not as dreadful as I had imagined it in my head. I stayed in the hospital under observation for around 48 hours after the surgery. You might have some soreness, discomfort initially and you will have some pain but nothing major. It would not be severe and you will adjust with it within a certain time.
Penile Implant Successful Surgery Image

I was instructed to avoid any sexual activity up to the next four to six weeks, I followed the instructions properly. After the said period my life has changed for good. I am no more in the depression of not achieving an erection. I definitely know that I am going to get an erection. Now I am more confident and happy. My wife and I are happily leading a marital life with all bliss. Somewhere I had lost hope about it. But, the penile implant has made it possible again.

Stop feeling shy in talking about ED

Erectile Dysfunction is a very obvious problem and prominent one too in men but they do rather tend to deny or hide it due to their embarrassment factor. Men who suffer from Erectile dysfunction admit it but also shy away to talk about in public. But somewhere I feel the right medication and help from professional can change all the dimension of your life. The one thing that you know, I know and everyone knows is that I cannot be the only one person to have suffered from ED.

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You tend to withdraw from your partner so that intimate situation doesn’t come up and you miss it and you feel very guilty but you are helpless.  I think in general, women are more emotional than men and somewhere your partner to go through a lot due to the problem you are going through. You suffer, your partner suffers and also your relations suffer.  It creates a lot of differences with such problems.

You tend to withdraw into yourself from you. You question your own manhood. I did. I do know other people, when they get honest they tell me the same thing. You really do question it, and when I spoke to the specialists, they assured this is going to give you your life back. You always take something like that with hesitation and doubt, but ever since I have had the implant; they hit it right on the head. They were absolutely right.

You cannot go on explaining the physical aspect of it and the effect on your psyche, but it is just a wonderful thing.  I am so thankful to the Top Andrologist in Delhi for the penile implant as it changed everything and now I am leading my life happily. Penile implant surgery success rate depends on the expertise of the Andrologist.

I confidently say that I did opt to undergo penile prosthesis procedure and it has worked out very very well as it was expected and changed my life completely.

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