Penile Implants: A Ray of hope for Men suffering from Erectile dysfunction to get back on the track

  • Shivani Tyagi
  • May 17, 2019

Types of Penile implants/ prosthesis :

Semi-Rigid Penile Implants

This type of penile prosthesis/ implant is the simplest of all types as it is a device with no pump or inflatable component, however, it functions like other implants, it normally bends up and bends down.

Semigrid Rod

Advantages of a semi-rigid implant are :

  • A semi-rigid implant is so easy to use
  • Though it is rigid(hard) all the time, can be bent downward to stay comfortably and can be inflated (bent) in an upward position for physical intercourse.
  • It needs no maintenance as it is non- breakable, have no tubings.
  • It is economical among all types of penile implants.
  • Minimal chances of infection.
Three Piece Inflatable Penile Implant

This type of implant is most commonly preferred by the patients globally. Its components include a reservoir, two cylinders, and a pump.

  • The reservoir is a fluid-filled device which is placed in the lower abdomen area. Only a few Andrologistsare trained well to place the reservoir effectively and safely. Some doctors may lack in training of placing the reservoir correctly because of which the patient feels pain even long after the procedure.
  • Cylinders are placed in each of the penis chambers (two chambers), anatomically termed as the corpus cavernosa.
  • The pump is placed into scrotum. The pump has a button to inflate and deflate.
Three piece inflatable penile-implant

Advantages of 3 pieces inflatable penile implant are:

  • Unlike Semi rigid implant it attains flaccidity when deflated, which means it is not hard all the time.
  • It provides the most rigid erection among all implants.
  • Erection is really natural, it does not even affect the natural feelings of Man.
Two pieces inflatable penile implant

It includes two cylinders and a pump. This model functions in a similar manner as the 3 piece model works, the difference lies in the reservoir, which is placed in the scrotum as a part of the pump.

Two piece inflatable penile implant

Brands of penile implants:

Best penile implant surgeons (Andrologists) in India or across the globe choose penile implant from two brands, which are“AMS 700 series penile implant and “Titan Coloplast penile implant”. We guide you to the best phalloplasty surgery in India

AMS 700 series versus TitanColoplast

This question is an obvious one which is commonly asked by many patients to make a choice.  As the best medical tourism company in India, we counsel our patients to make informed choices.

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Since AMS penile implant was first to be launched in the market and firstly placed in 1973 so it has gained a reputation since then. Still, approximately 70 % of penile implants opted by the top penile implant surgeons in India or globally are AMS 700 series (Boston scientific). Another 30 % are Titan Coloplast penile implants.

But both the brands’ implants are equally excellent in performance and penile implant surgery success rate entirely depends on the skills of the surgeon (Andrologist) who is performing the surgery. So it is always advisable to go through the profile of the penile implant surgeon and opt the one who has been performing a fair number of cases regularly and with good success rate.

Since the 1970s as per penile implant patient reviews, many Men are being benefitted by penile prosthesis to cure their erectile dysfunction/impotence.

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