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  • August 19, 2019

There are things that are directly associated with the personality of a person and if the person lacks in that area then he or she feels a bit ashamed about that particular thing.

For a man, that thing is definitely the size of the penis.

Penis sizeYes, no male on earth is in a position to feel proud if he encompasses a tiny penis.

Such males keep searching for the proper answers which will facilitate them to increase the dimensions of their penis.

Those who can wait for long go for the medicines and those who think that they have already suffered a lot and cannot wait any longer go for penis enlargement surgery.


The erect penis is way larger than the flaccid penis and although the variations could also be minor. If a male has a penis of size less than 7 cm, it is considered small by normal standards and is termed as micropenis medically.

penile sizeA man with a micropenis cannot approach women because of the fear that she will make fun of his small penis once she gets to see it, neither can he proudly take shower among males and what not.

If a man has an accumulation of fat at the base of the penis, that too could result in the feeling of inadequacy in terms of size. A lot of men have incorrect beliefs regarding their penis size, which may lead to unreasonable frustrations regarding the penis size.


Penis enlargement surgery is in practice since 1971 and is preferred by the reconstructive surgeons only in certain cases, including:

penile curvature

  1. When the size of the penis is abnormally small, then only he can take advantage of Penis enlargement surgery. Abnormally small means that its flaccid length must be less than 1.6 inches and erect length must be less than 3 inches.
  2. Those males who suffered from Peyronie’s Disease or Penile cancer and while their treatment if the surgery has gone bad due to which they get to suffer a decrease in their penis size than those males a most well-liked to opt for a penis enlargement surgery cost.
  3. Those men are preferred to go through an enlargement surgery who suffered from an accident in which they unexpectedly got their penis size decreased.

The good news for such males is that they’ll currently feel proud once more with the assistance of penile enlargement surgery.


phalloplasty surgery or hyposadias surgery imageDue to the increase in safe ways of cosmetic surgery, penis enlargement has become a typical request. Phalloplasty is a medical term for a procedure accustomed reconstruct the penis. It is additionally typically called penis enlargement surgery or a penis reconstruction surgery.

This surgery is performed to by artificial means modify the penis, however, most often it is done for cosmetic purposes.


  • This surgery is recommended for men who have congenital reduced penile size means since birth.
  • Phalloplasty is becoming increasingly popular with transsexual patients who want gender change surgery from female anatomy to male.
  • It can be performed on anyone who desires to reconstruct or enhance the looks of the penis.


Penile lengthening is perhaps the most popular among other types of phalloplasty.

This is a highly wanted procedure, usually sought after by men who are not happy with the length of their penis. Ideal for men that suffer from having a micropenis, this procedure is relatively new and still improving.

The first penile lengthening surgery was performed in 1984 in China and was mildly successful. And ever since a lot of improvements have been made to the procedure, to make it safer and have fewer side effects and risks.

phalloplasty positive results image

For men, who believe that a longer penis would help them improve their self-esteem and confidence, there are several other safer options to consider. However, for men who have broken, disfigured or extremely small penis, this is an ideal surgical technique.

This surgery is focussed toward increasing the flaccid length of the penis. This would additionally have an effect on the length of the erect penis to an outsized extent. Through this surgery, men can add 0.5 to 1.5 inches to their penis length.


The circumference or the girth of the penis is commonly a crucial matter for a man.

Girth enhancement surgery is another well-liked procedure, in which the circumference of the penis is increased. To achieve this result, free fat from the body is transferred to the penis.

In the more advanced form of the surgery, a graft is stitched to the fascia of the penis in a flat position so that the appearance is uniform, and bumps can be avoided. This kind of surgery might also increase the length of the penis, but the circumference of the penis usually increases from 10% to 30%.

The extent of the widening usually depends on the size of the grafts. These grafts may be obtained from different parts of the body – usually the forearm.


The lengthening of the penis is performed by extracting the ligaments at the bottom of the penis. Man, who do not follow the instructions given by the reconstructive surgeon after the procedure, may find that his penis returns to the original length. It is thus vital to prevent shortening and enhance the new length of the penis.

This is sometimes done through the employment of a stretching device that helps stretch the penis. This device has small weighted attachments. After the surgery, the patient must wear this device for some time so that the scar tissue formed from the surgery does not pull the penis back to shorten it.

penile vacccum pum imageThis device is usually worn during the day, but can also be worn at night. Initially, it is worn for a few hours, but then the patient is expected to gradually increase the length of time for which it is worn every day. This not solely helps long gain but also assists in the healing of the penis.


Most doctors counsel that penis enlargement surgeries square measure safe, however, since they are tricky and require a lot of expertise, they are often not performed right. This makes them extremely risky. The procedure itself has several risks involved.

Not each penis are often enlarged, and therefore a thorough consultation is required before one opts for this kind of surgery. The patient should be apprised of the possible complications arising out of the procedure so that he can make an informed choice.

Some of these complications embody hemorrhage, bruising, the formation of scar tissue, permanent scarring, infection, incision separation, distortion of the penile angle, detachment of graft, rejection of graft, injuries to blood vessels or nerves, loss of thickness and permanent erectile dysfunction.


The penis is a very delicate organ of the human body, packed with erectile tissues, nerves and blood vessels, and someone very experienced should only do any surgery on it. Usually, this procedure requires both widening and lengthening of the penis, which can be done at once, or as two separate procedures – as prescribed by the surgeon.

cosmetic urology image

So, if a male has gone through such a thing that makes him upset because of his reduced penis size then he should stop worrying now as he has a safe and successful option of penis enlargement surgery.

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