Preventive health check today may prevent worries of tomorrow

  • Shivani Tyagi
  • May 17, 2019

In today’s world of competition, everybody is in a race to go ahead of others and to achieve that, one forgets to take care of his/ her health. It seems our work life has become a huge obstruction in our healthy lifestyle. Our work has left no time for us to get engaged in any physical activity like running or exercises. As a result of which cases of heart diseases, several hormonal imbalances, infertility in men & women, diabetes, cancer etc. are commonly seen.

There is an old saying “Prevention is better than cure” which if followed, can help reduce the prevalence of such lifestyle-related diseases. If people undertake appropriate preventive measures, then they have more chances of not getting affected by any disease in the near future.

Preventive health checkup( In Delhi, India) today may prevent worries of tomorrow. It is advisable to go for a general body check up (in Delhi, India) on a regular interval to increase the chances for a cure. A regular health check-up keeps one informed about the changes in the body or what his/ her body is demanding.

General body check-ups differ from person to person depending upon age, family history, food habits, work life, gender. A unique combination of tests is required for the right assessment of your overall body health.

Advantages of preventive health check-up:

  • One can continue with the same lifestyle if the health checks up report says all ok.
  • Tests can be customized as per the patient’s requirement. For example, if a married couple wants to assess their fertility, in that case-specific tests can be combined for their fertility assessment considering their age, family history, years of marriage.
  • Early detection of disease leads to better treatment. For example, if a report says the increased level of cholesterol then a person can work upon his/her diet and physical activities to lessen the cholesterol and avoid heart disease.
  • Saves a lot as a preventive body check up prevents the illness from spreading or getting severe.
  • As per one study, almost 60% of diseases are preventable with a planned and timely assessment.

At Medical Treatment Centre, we provide the accurate, reliable and timely diagnosis.

Our different categories for health check-up (in Delhi, India) are as follows:

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