• Shivani Tyagi
  • July 4, 2019


Needless to mention, today life is hectic and full of stress, which only enhances the chances of lifestyle disorders.

More and more people are going health freak or can be said becoming health conscious these days. A significant number of people are recognizing the need for preventive healthcare.

Considering this, there has been a flow in health check-up packages being offered by different healthcare bodies.


We advise people to exercise some caution in choosing the service provider for their health check-up.

The first thing needs to be taken into consideration is that if anyone wants a general body check-up to be of use, it is essential to know that there cannot be some fixed or standards tests.

The provider based on the patient’s age, gender, various other factors pertaining to his/her lifestyle and of course previous medical history should customize the tests.

Unfortunately, these days most of the providers are selling packages with more of tests included in the package and people have a tendency to trust such packages that include more tests.

However, a longer list of tests does not imply that the patient is getting better services.

For example, X-Rays and even CT Scans are sold as part of standard preventive health check-ups, but as these types of tests use ionizing radiation, which could actually cause harm rather than benefit the patient, therefore, should only be undertaken when one’s health status calls for them.

Another example, Pap Smear, and Mammography test should be recommended only for women of a particular age group.

While going for the services of any provider, the first step is to ensure that you are using the services of reliable and professional medical service providers.

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The benefits of preventive healthcare are many.

  1. A person not only saves the trouble of having to suffer through the symptoms and stress of illnesses, he/she also get to save on money that would otherwise be spent on hospital costs later.
  2. As our car is serviced after a regular interval to ensure that, the car does not breakdown. Similarly, our body needs to be checked up regularly for ideal functioning.
  3. In today’s era we all are so inclined to the computer and mobile phones that even when we are not working, we keep on surfing the internet and essentially spending both our working hours and free time sitting in front of some type of screen or monitor. All such lifestyles leave us with no time for exercise or any sports activity to stay fit.
  4. While we are young, we feel unbeatable. But as age advances, it all starts with random aches and pains and progresses to certain age-related complications like high blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol. We can prevent major illness by getting us checked ourselves from time to time.
  5. Many diseases like cancer have a better clinical outcome when are detected early. Regular preventive health check-ups not only ensure that one identifies the need for treatment at the earliest but also gives you better chances of returning back to good health.
  6. If some people have a family history of some diseases then, in that case, they possess a higher chance of ending up suffering from the same diseases as their immediate family. For example, if the father had a history of cardiac problems or the grandparent had high blood sugar, there are chances that one might experience the same conditions sooner or later.
  7. Many Insurance companies cover the cost of preventive health check-ups so choose the insurance company that can provide you annual health check-ups.

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