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Don't let him grow older with HYPOSPADIAS

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1 out of 300 boys is diagonosed with Hypospadias

  • Hypospadias is an abnormal condition of the urethra in boys in which the urethra does not develop completely.
  • Incomplete development of urethra results in an abnormal urinary opening on the underside of the penis.
  • It occurs in boys at the time of their birth.
  • Hypospadias is categorized on the basis of urinary opening located on the penis of boy.
  • Hypospadias typically requires surgery to correct.

What parents should know?

  • The right age of Hypospadias surgery is after 15 months.
  • However, Hypospadias can be fixed at any age.
  • Those boys who grow with Hypospadias are usually affected psychologically as they find themselves different from other boys.
  • The ultimate goal of a Hypospadias surgery is to provide a normally functional and cosmetic appearence to the penis.
  • Success rate of Hypospadias repair is excellent if performed by an expert urologist.

What are the signs and symptoms of Hypospadias?

  • Urinary opening at the wrong or unusual location of the penis.
  • Chordee or penile curvature or bent penis.
  • The urine stream is not straight
  • Hooded type foreskin
  • Spraying of urine on peeing

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About our Hypospadias Specialist

Dr. Gautam Banga

Senior Consultant Reconstructive Urologist & Andrologist

Qualification: MBBS, MS, M.Ch(Urology), Fellowship Genito-Urinary Reconstructive surgery

Areas of Expertise: Hypospadias, Erectile Dysfunction, Urethroplasty, Penile Cosmetic surgeries, Male infertility

Experience: 15 years as a Reconstructive Urologist

Brief Profile:-
  • Dr. Gautam Banga is one of the renowned Reconstructive and Microsurgeons whose patients have ranged from various countries.
  • He is a dedicated urethra and penile reconstructive surgeon who has gained reputation among fellow urologists.
  • He is an international faculty in Andrology & Reconstructive Urology invited frequently by several countries in their national conferences including Tunisia, Iraq, Germany, Kurdistan, Tajikistan, Kazhakastan.


80% success rate in the first stage.


Achieved success in multiple failed cases.


Excellent result ensuring normal sexual life & fertility.

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