Dr. Gautam BangaSenior Consultant
Reconstructive Urologist & Andrologist

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    Name:  Dr. Gautam Banga

    Designation: Senior Consultant Reconstructive Urologist & Andrologist

    Areas of Expertise:  Erectile Dysfunction, Urethroplasty, Penile Cosmetic surgeries, Hypospadias, Male infertility
    Qualification:  MBBS, MS, M.Ch(Urology), Fellowship Genito-Urinary, reconstructive surgery

    Experience: 15 years as a reconstructive Urology
    Erectile Dysfunction / Impotence/ Erection problems, Stricture Urethra / Urethral Stricture, Hypospadias Repair, Male infertility/ Azoospermia, Peyronie’s disease/ Penile curvature, Testicular pain, Urinary incontinence in males and females, Penile Augmentation Surgeries (Phalloplasty), Kidney stones, Enlarged Prostate

    Brief Profile:-

    Dr. Gautam Banga is one of the renowned Reconstructive and Microsurgeons whose patients have ranged from various countries. He is certified in Urology and one of the Best Andrologists in North India for the past 12 years. He is a dedicated urethra and penile reconstructive surgeon with a special interest in managing failed and complex urethral stricture, Hypospadias and penile curvature cases.

    He has achieved success in Primary as well as Failed cases of Hypospadias and Stricture Urethra.

    He is among the very few Urologists in India who are exclusively devoted to surgery of urethra and external genitalia.

    Dr. Gautam’ s private practice for the past 12 years has specialized in Urethra reconstruction, penile surgeries, cosmetic Urological procedures, erectile problems and sexual problems for both men and women.

    He is an experienced urethral reconstructive surgeon having performed over 1200 Urethroplasty (Traumatic and other causes) and Hypospadias repair.

    He has also performed more than 300 Retrograde Intrarenal Surgeries (RIRS) and HOLEP (Laser treatment for enlarged prostate. He is also one of the few Urologists who are performing Mini-PCNL and Ultra Mini PCNL.

    Dr.Gautam has also gained a reputation in the field of Andrology and sexual rehabilitation. Dr. Gautam is working with various centers in Delhi-NCR region as a consultant urologist.

    Owing to the doctor’s experience from numerous cases, he has gained a special interest in treating and healing failed Urethral Stricture. The doctor also has a liking for complex cases and always stays ahead with innovative solutions. In his 12+ years of experience as a Urologist, Dr.Gautam Banga has performed more than 1000 urology procedures focusing on reconstructing the Urethra and has an impeccable success rate. The doctor is also highly sought after, being one of the very surgeons in India who specialize in external genitalia. He is being called by the fellow Urologists in many parts of India and in many places across the globe for surgical camps.

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