It is a condition in Men, defined with a bend in penis to some degree while erection. In some Men it is a small curve which does not hamper the physical intimacy but in some cases the curvature is significant causing painful intercourse.

Some men are born with the curvature, congenital penile curvature where the penis is bent downwards.
A small curvature or bend in penis is not a matter of concern.

But a significant curvature can lead to further complications like :

  • Pain while physical intercourse
  • It may lead to loss of penile length in certain cases.
  • It may also lead to loss of erection in some Men.
  • Cosmetic changes in penis.
  • Complications in a relationship.

Causes of penile curvature:

Penile curvature is caused by plaque, a scar tissue that forms inside the penis after some injury to the penis.

DIAGNOSIS of penile curvature :

Andrologist diagnoses it after examining the patient physically. In some cases, penile color Doppler ultrasound is also recommended to check on the blood supply of the penis. However, the patient usually self-diagnose this.


Treatment for penile curvature in India is defined by the Andrologist after reviewing the patient’s medical investigations and history. In certain cases as such, no treatment is required if mild pain then medicines can be helpful. In a few cases, penile injections are suggested and injected by the Andrologist in the scar tissue of the penis to lessen the curvature also to reduce the pain.

In severe cases, surgical intervention is required. In surgery for penile curvature Andrologist removes the plaque and is replaced with a new tissue graft.

Hospital stay is of two to three days. This procedure is carried out in general anesthesia and completely safe and sound. The success rate of penile curvature is good as new techniques have been evolved in nick of time. Also, the Success rate depends on the skill of the surgeon.

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