Penile Enhancement Surgery / Phalloplasty

Men have been always very conscious for their penile size. Men have been using certain lotions, supplements, oils and other traditional methods to increase their length and girth also to maintain their good size. Also few Men face the size issue after any trauma or injury or in some cases it is due to some congenital defect.

In today’s era medicine has come up with new innovative and advanced methods for penile enhancement. It is commonly seen that many Men go through some depression when not satisfied with their penile size.

A man of any age if not satisfied with his size, must visit the top andrologist without any delays. Ideally Andrologist takes a brief history from the patient, also encourages the patient for a psychological assessment.

Few tests like penile color Doppler is also suggested to see the blood flow in and out of the penis and fertility screening is also recommended before the procedure. Phalloplasty (Penile lengthening in Delhi, India) is a boon for such Men. This procedure aims at reconstruction of penis, it can help the man with an increase in length upto 3cm.

Phalloplasty is a complex procedure done in presence of Reconstructive Urologist/Andorlogist and Plastic Surgeon. The surgery lasts for 2-3 hours however it is safe and well tolerated by the patient.

Latest method is Radial Forearm Free Flap (RFF) phalloplasty and Anterior Lateral thigh flap Phalloplasty (ALT). In these procedures, skin flap is taken from the forearm and thigh of the patient respectively and is used to reconstruct the penis. The type of procedure is decided by the surgeon after examining and evaluating the patient thoroughly.

One should choose the center for penile enhancement (Clinic for penile enhancement in Delhi,India) judiciously considering the presence of a team of Reconstructive Urologist, Plastic Surgeon who have been performing such cases frequently.

After penile lengthening surgery the patients takes around four to six weeks to recover. For initial weeks catheter is placed in situ. Success rate is good in Phalloplasty provided you choose the best Reconstructive urologist.

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