Testicular pain or pain in testis is discomfort or pain in either one or both the testicles. Since testicles are sensitive so even a minor injury can lead to discomfort. There can be numerous causes for pain in testicles.

Symptoms :

Pain or discomfort in or around the testicle. Boys / Men may suffer redness and swelling in the testicles and if any infection persists in testicles then a person may also get a fever. Pain in the testis can be caused due to some other problem as well, it cannot be exactly defined so it is advised to consult the Urologist when you experience any discomfort in a testicle.

Pain in testicles is caused due to one of the following reasons:

  • Inflammatory changes in testicles called as Epididymitis
  • Trauma or injury to the testicles
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Fluid accumulation in scrotum causing it to swell- condition is termed as Hydrocele.
  • Infection in prostate
  • Scrotal mass
  • Inflammatory changes or infection in testis(Infection in the testicle) called as Orchitis
  • Sometimes referred to pain due to kidney stones, Hernia
  • Enlarged veins in scrotum called Varicocele

Diagnosis of Testicular pain:

  • Urine analysis to rule out the presence of any infection in the urine.
  • Ultrasound color Doppler of the scrotum to check on the blood flow in testicles.
  • Ultrasound scrotum to rule out varicocele.


Treatment of testicular pain depends on the causing factor. It is defined by the Urologist after a thorough examination of the patient and evaluation of medical investigation reports.

Testicular pain can be managed for Men of all ages. Patients who fail to get relief from chronic testicular pain even after trying conservative treatments, Microsurgical Spermatic cord Denervation is the best and permanent solution. The procedure involves surgical intervention using an opertaing microscope by the Urologist.

Since testicles are a sensitive part of a man’s body and testis health is important for man’s fertility any pain or discomfort in the testicle area should not be ignored. This should seek urgent medical attention.

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