Testicle or testis is the reproductive gland in Males. Testicles produce both sperm and Testosterone. Few boys are born with undescended testicle (Missing testicle) that means their testicle has not moved in the scrotum. However, it is not a common abnormality. In a few cases, in the initial few months testicle moves on its own to its usual position in scrotum. But in the cases where after 4 months testicles are not felt or seen, surgical intervention is required to position the testicle correctly.

Symptoms of the undescended testis:

Not feeling or not seeing either one or both testicles is the main sign indicating that the boy needs to be examined by the Urologist. Usually, only one testicle is affected, both testicles are affected in rare cases.


At the time of birth, pediatrician diagnoses the undescended testicle.


Hormone therapy -injection of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is given to correct the position of testicle but it is not an effective method.


Orchiopexy is a surgical intervention performed by the best Urologist. This procedure aims at relocating the testicle and getting it fixed there.

Surgery is recommended in the early months of the child’s age as early treatment has a high success rate as compared to the surgery being done in the later years of a child’s life. Orchiopexy lowers the risk of infertility and testicular cancer in the future. The success rate is high when orchiopexy is done under the supervision of a urologist who has been doing such cases frequently.

After the surgery, it is advised for a regular assessment of the boy for fertility. Parents are instructed to get a boy’s testosterone level, physical examination, and ultrasound scrotum done.

In the cases where there is absent testicle, then artificial testicular implant (testicular implant in Delhi, India) can be placed to give a cosmetic appearance. However, it will not be functional.

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