Laparoscopy is a commonly performed minimally invasive procedure to investigate and treat various problems affecting abdominal and pelvic organs like Hernia, Gall bladder stone (Laparoscopy Gall Bladder surgery in Delhi, Laparoscopy Cholecystectomy in Delhi), Fibroids in Uterus, Haemmorhloids or piles (Laparoscopy Treatment for Haemorrhoids / Piles in Delhi), fissures (Laparoscopy Treatment for Fissure in Delhi), fistula, weight loss surgery or Bariatric surgery etc.

Laparoscopy has many advantages over open surgeries, including:

  • Minimal complications
  • Minimal length of stay in hospital
  • Minimal blood loss infact no blood loss
  • High success rate
  • Economical as well
  • Faster recovery

To know more, Read our Laparoscopy Blog.

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