This procedure is recommended for the Men who suffer with erectile dysfunction and are not being benefitted by medicines and other conservative treatment options for erectile dysfunction.

Penile implant is placed surgically under general anaesthesia. A patient can choose the type of implant among 3-4 types of implants available. However, there are certain factors that help the Urologist and the Patient to make a decision.

Now many Men have accepted penile implant surgery as the best option to get rid of erectile dysfunction or impotence in all age groups.  Penile implant patient reviews certainly help other Men to make a call for the penile implant surgery.

Cost of penile implant in India is low in cost in comparison to the fee in USA, Australia, Canada.

Penile implant surgery has less complications or failure rate, provided done by the skilled and expert Urologist.


1. Semi-Rigid Penile Implnts

    1. The simplest of all types with no pump or inflatable component, however it functions like other implants, it normally bends up and bends down.

2. Three Piece Inflatable Penile Implant

    1. This type of implant is most commonly opted by the patients worldwide. Its components include a reservoir, two cylinders and a pump.

3. Two piece inflatable penile implant

    1. It includes two cylinders and a pump. This model functions in the similar manner as the 3 piece model works, the difference lies in reservoir, which is placed in scrotum as a part of the pump.

Brands of penile implants:

AMS 700 series penile implant” and “Titan Coloplast penile implant” are the worldwide used brands by the best penile implant surgeons (Andrologists).

It is not easy to distinguish between the quality and performance of the two as the success rate of penile implant surgery more depends on the skills and expertise of the Urologist performing the operation.

Advantages of Penile implant placement or surgery:

      • Eradicates the need for expensive medicines and painful injections.
      • Provides a permanent solution to impotence & Erectile dysfunction due to diabetes.
      • Natural feelings remain intact during intercourse.
      • Allows a man to maintain his erection as long as he desires.
      • No interference with natural ejaculation or orgasm.
      • Minimal invasive procedure
      • Shorter hospital stay
      • No infection

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