Circumcision is a surgical intervention performed by a Urologist to remove the skin covering the tip of penis. The procedure is commonly done for newborn boys in certain parts of the world.


For many families of Islamic origin, circumcision is a cultural and religious ritual In some families across the world, Circumcision can also have significance as a family tradition.

Few parents get their baby boys circumcised for personal hygiene or preventive health care.

Circumcision is also advised in Phimosis –a medical condition in adult males which is marked by tight foreskin of a penis. The foreskin is too tight that it becomes difficult to get retracted or to be pulled back over the glans.

Circumcision may have different medical advantages, including:

  • Easier cleanliness. Circumcision makes it easier to wash the penis. Be that as it may, young men with uncircumcised penises can be instructed to wash routinely underneath the prepuce.
  • Decreased danger of urinary tract contaminations. The danger of urinary tract diseases in guys is low, however, these contaminations are increasingly normal in uncircumcised guys. Serious contaminations right off the bat in life can prompt kidney issues later.
  • Decreased danger of explicitly transmitted diseases. Circumcised men may have a lower danger of certain explicitly transmitted diseases, including HIV. All things considered, safe sexual practices stay fundamental.
  • Prevention of Phimosis or on the off chance that a grown-up has phimosis, at that point circumcision is the arrangement. Phimosis is where the prepuce of the penis is troublesome or difficult to withdraw or pulled back. This condition can prompt irritation of the prepuce or leader of the penis.
  • Decreased danger of penile malignant growth. Despite the fact that disease of the penis is uncommon, it’s less normal in circumcised men. Moreover, cervical malignant growth is less basic in the female sexual accomplices of circumcised men.

Circumcision doesn’t influence fertility, nor is circumcision, for the most part, thought to upgrade or bring down sexual joy for men or their accomplices.


Recovery is fast saying a week time after the procedure

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