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The prostate is a small gland in Males which is walnut-sized and located between the bladder and the penis. Many Men experience urinary problems as their age advances. The reason can be inflammation or increased size of prostate. The increased size of prostate is termed as Enlarged prostate or Benign prostate hyperplasia. It happens to almost all Men after 45 years. This does not indicate prostate cancer but it should be thoroughly evaluated by the top urologist. Few Men do not experience any symptom related to enlarged prostate however it is suggested for every Men to consult their Urologist once to keep their prostate in good health.

Following are the symptoms a Man experiences when suffering from Benign Prostate hyperplasia:

  • Though bladder feels full but trouble initiating urine flow
  • Interrupted or weak urinary stream
  • Frequent urination
  • Sudden urgency to urinate
  • Inability to empty the bladder completely during urination
  • difficulty starting to urinate
  • increased frequency of urination ,every 1 to 2 hours, mainly at night
  • leakage of urine
  • retention of urine
  • Needing to stop and start urinating several times


The causes of enlarged prostate or benign prostate hyperplasia are not well understood. As per a few studies and on the basis of many patients treatment , factors related to aging and family history are considered as the causing factors for enlarged prostate.


A Man who is over age of 45 years and having trouble urinating and a weak or intermittent urinary flow, he could have an enlarged prostate or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

If you experience these symptoms, book an appointment with the urologist at medical treatment centre.


The following diagnostic tools are used to diagnose enlarged prostate, but not all of these are always necessary. We encourage men above 45 years of age to consult the urologist  to discuss which of these might be helpful in your case.

  • Urodynamic study helps to understand the flow of urine in a person and other trend- whether a person retain urine. Urologist gets to know that patient’s urine stream is normal or abnormal, based on which he can make a diagnosis.
  • Uroflowmetryis an investigation tool that checks for any obstruction in the urinary bladder and measures how rapidly and fully one’s bladder empties. A person with benign prostate hyperplasia or enlarged prostate fails to have to steady stream of urine and this reduced flow rate of urine can be considered as a sign of BPH.
  • The Post-void residual (PVR) urine studychecks for any blockage in urinary bladder. PVR measures how much urine remains in a person’s bladder after he urinates. Generally the reading of PVR between 100 to 200 milliliters or higher indicates a urinary blockage. However at times this test may not be accurate so a Urologist makes accurate diagnosis considering other diagnostic reports too.
  • Ultrasound KUB is done to check upon the size of prostate gland.
  • Urine analysis is suggested to rule out any infection in the urine.
  • PSA- Prostate specific antigen is a blood test that measures a protein produced by the cells of the prostate gland and help diagnose if the patient has any signs of prostate cancer. However, PSA results does not alone diagnose the cancer of prostate gland. An increase in the PSA can be due to chronic infection sometimes.

To make a diagnosis, book an appointment with the urologist at medical treatment centre.

TREATMENT options for Enlarged Prostate:

Enlarged Prostate Treatment depends on the severity of the problem. Few Men though symptomatic but can be managed with medicines. In case the symptoms are severe, the Urologist may recommend the surgical intervention for the patient.

  • Transurethral resection of prostate (TURP): This is the most common surgery advised by the Urologists. Enlarged Prostate Success rate is high in comparison to other methods. Hospital stay is 1-2 days followed by a routine check up visit with the urologist after a week.
  • Open Prostatectomy
  • LASER surgery: Enlarged tissue in prostate is destroyed using LASER.

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